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What is HDR Photography?

What Is High Dynamic Range "HDR" Photography?

 It is the Champaign of real estate photography.  

Most other photographers charge more for this service.  We are proud that we utilize HDR photography because it captures a more natural image through the blending of multiple exposures.  The result is a softer, more even, natural look that more closely resembles what the eye sees in real life.  We believe this life-like look is more appealing to the eye and creates a stronger more emotional connection with potential buyers.

See the Before and After images below to see the benefit of HDR.  Try using the Slider in the middle of each image.  Grab it with you mouse and move it back and forth.

1170;780;9957e4f488c6990a8a5ade8faac2e6025f65160d 1170;780;f2aa80a01682afba08112ca7a1383d981d8b3571
1170;780;f69d0bef45248e21909064dfe56fcfa3ee0b2b7c 1170;780;ae0358862a59c91e4b79c24eac6e1cbec7f4c944
1170;780;562b69a34851bb1f0de322a4f06573a3c501a27d 1170;781;a3ec03670cc5ad41ca4cbe71e48f44bd9c18ca76
1170;780;ce29e18e16a50f629d9f9d568e914c0806dcf9dc 1170;780;faf1362d4d1bcbf3a355fc23262bbff22a85681e
Enterance-foyer-2-before-jpg_1 Enterance-foyer-2_1
1170;780;4ed0c50c3e87e0ddbbf379f2c0b958450da4fdba 1170;780;f7ffb3bbc062126ba56c4737482ed0e8db8eb4b9