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New to South Florida and starting my real estate photography business

I am new to South Florida and starting my real estate photography business.  I will be happy to photograph listings in Palm Beach, Broward, Martin & St Lucie counties.  I guarantee that you will be happy with my photographs or you pay nothing.  For $175, you get up to 30 professional photographs and a YouTube slide show.  I specialize in HDR images to bring out the best real estate images possible.  

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Many photographers utilize flashes to artificially light a room or space. This unnatural lighting can often create hard shadows and bright glares, resulting in a less then desirable look.  I employ a different technique called HDR (high dynamic range) that captures a more natural image through the blending of multiple exposures.  The result is a softer, more even, natural look that more closely resembles what the eye sees in real life. We believe this life-like look is more appealing to the eye and creates a stronger more emotional connection with potential buyers.

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